Worship songs today:
Friend of God, To Worship You I Live, Because Of Who You Are, Draw Me Close To You.

1 Corinthians chapter 13-14:1 (The Love Chapter)

Continuing the inside out series, we shift our focus to Love. We usually love people according to how much they satisfy our needs. That’s not a pure love for one another. A rewarding pursuit of God allows us to love people the way God requires, in a pure way.

It’s not easy to be in the midst of pain and still pursue God and love people, but it’s what Christians are supposed to do.

We withhold love to protect ourselves from ever being hurt again. Remember, when relieving pain becomes more a priority than doing Gods will, then you have left the path of seeking God.

In speaking about the tribe of men who killed her husband Elizabeth Elliot said: “The fact that Jesus died for all makes me interested in the salvation of all. The fact that Jim died for this tribe intensifies my love for this tribe.”

Love can truly conquer all. Your love for others matters. It draws others to Christ, and also adds power and purpose into your life. Love is not blind to others faults, it sees the faults clearly. Those faults however will not pose a threat to you. Love admits disappointment but it forgives and continues to be warmly involved. Love is concerned about the welfare of those who treat you wrong.

Don’t ask people to provide more than what they can give. Change your expectation. Remember people who are hurting, hurt other people. Love regardless, in-spite of, in addition to any hurt, frustration or bad attitude that may come your way. Your job is to love them until they are healthy enough to get past their hurts. Love from the inside out.



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